Food Safety

Jorge & Cardoso, Lda have always adopted a responsible and proactive behaviour, establishing a strict Quality and Food safety Policy in order to guide the running of the business. Their objective is the satisfaction of the needs and future expectations of their costumers as well as the motivation of human resources. For that, it is essential everyone’s contribution throughout every step of the productive process. That way we can assure the highest level of Food Security.

Jorge & Cardoso, Lda procedures are based in the formula that associates Prevention, Monitoring and Formation, through:

  • Permanent assessment of every processes and work flow that influence the Food Safety;
  • Maintenance on hazard Analyses Systems and critical control points;
  • Traceability of the product;
  • Continuous training of human resources as a way to motivate and increase efficiency;
  • Proper facilities and equipments;
  • Knowledge of the customers necessities at every moment.