Founded in 1978, Jorge & Cardoso, Lda sought to bring to the market a product – potato crisps – that would respect the home made recipe. Just like the Portuguese love.
Throughout the years Ti-ti has grown and acquired the top gear equipments as well as required excellency raw materials. Being present in restaurants, grill houses, supermarkets, convenience stores and… in Portuguese houses.
In 2003 a new product was brought to the market, the sweet popcorns, easily appreciated for their crunchy flavour.
Ten years later Ti-ti presents another two products, the salty popcorns and the sweet cinnamon popcorns, widen that way the range of products to our consumers.
Nowadays the company is heavily committed on innovation and in the development of new products on their area of business.


Maximise the company growth to new markets with the aid of new technologies, always complying with every quality and food safety requirement.


The innovation philosophy, the experience, the quality and good flavour standards altogether distinguish us.


Satisfy our customers, offering excellency products based on a meticulous selection of raw materials.